Harry Potter 8 Poster Features Harry, Voldemort

WB has released a new poster for the final Harry Potter installment, and it’s a moving one. The piece features a bloodied and battered Harry face to face with his arch nemesis, Voldemort. The picture is divided down the middle by the Elder Wand, a focial point of the 7th movie.

Posted on by Mike Macauley

  • http://twitter.com/Cvamped Fergus Halliday

    Can’t wait. Although I do want more trailers!

  • Elf Knight

    Okay, that picture looks a tad bit disturbing. Harry can’t look scarry for some reason, just all that blood. But doesn’t Vodlermort have an insect-like appearance of his face? Just thought I’d point that out as that’s what it seems like for me. Even so, I can’t wait for the last installment to this film series. It’s nice that they split it up into two parts because then it gives us more to watch and look forward to. The waiting part sucks though. Oh, well!