First Glimpse at the Shiny (literally) New Wonder Woman Costume


Adrianne Palicki poses in the official new Wonder Woman outfit she will be wearing while strutting, running, and kicking butt in the NBC’s remake of the classic TV show and comic.

The costume has already been hit with mixed reviews. Sure, it’s shiny, but Fox News is apparently concerned that without her signature stars and stripes panties, Wonder Woman has lost her all-American persona in favor of a more “global superhero.”

But then, maybe Fox is looking for issues that don’t exist. When asked, original Wonder Woman Linda Carter stated that she thinks the new costume “hits the bullseye.”

She gushes to Hollywood Reporter  “What’s not to like! Adrianne [Palicki] looks gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to seeing David E. Kelley’s new series.”

This new Wonder Woman will be portrayed in a bit of a new light – think vigilante woman of the streets who loves a good cocktail and has to  lament now and then how she just  can’t find the right man.


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