Bulk Comic-Based Movie Updates: Pics, trailers, & more


With so many comic based movies coming up in the next couple years, little tidbits of information are coming out all the time. Instead of posting each individual photo over the past few weeks, I thought I’d gather them all up now and present to you a bulk comic book movie update. I admit right from the beginning that there is information and movies out there that I have skipped. Please, if you feel that I have missed big news too important to not post, let us know in the comments section!

X-Men First Class

Several new photos released: 

(First Peek at Havok)



(Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw)

For more Photoes see: http://www.movieweb.com/movie/x-men-first-class/photos

 Captain America

(First Peek at Red Skull) 

In other news, Alan Silvestri has been hired to has been brought on to compose the score. Check for more updates (and download a rather cool wallpaper) at the official website: http://captainamerica.marvel.com/



Thor Trailer 2

 See more photos here: http://marvel.com/images/gallery/story/15255/images_from_2_new_thor_movie_photos

Cowboys and Aliens

Whole schlew of pictures http://www.cowboysandaliensmovie.com/

Dark Knight Rises:

No images to report in, but here’s some juicy gossip. Aaron Eckhart has hinted to CBS news that he might have some role in the upcoming Batman movie, though his character was killed off in the last film. “When CBS Asked by CBS News to confirm he would not be appearing, he cryptically asked: ‘I’m not?’ Pressed as to whether he could appear in a flashback or dream sequence, Eckhart simply said: ‘I could not possibly say.’” (quoted from nme.com)


Another new rumor here. Based on information put out for the casting call for this movie, it seems that this upcoming movie will feature the war between alien races: the Kree and the Skrulls. And Earth will be stuck right dab smack in the middle of it all.


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