“Super” trailer looks pretty super-awesome!


Regular guy. Kind of a nerd. Well… really a nerd. He’s going through a rough time in his life, so he does what any normal person would do. He decides to be a superhero.

Ok so we’ve seen the theme a few times now. But I have to admit, after watching this trailer, I am salivating to see this. It looks positively nerd-tastic! Writer/Director James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead) hooks up with Rainn Wilson (The Office) to make this crime fighting flick. Yes, that’s right. The actor who plays Dwight from the Office will be taking on the alter ego of the Crimson Bolt. Joining him will be a sidekick (Ellen Page), his disatisfied wife (Liv Tyler) and, of course, an enemy (Kevin Bacon).

Despite this movie having already been released in Canada, there has been very little “official” footage of it out there for preview, until this trailer was released several days ago. Super will debut in the US on April 1. I’m not going to say anything more about it. This trailer kind of sums it up…


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