Gears of War Beta Begins April 25th!


For all of you that went out and purchased the ‘Epic’ edition of Bulletstorm, you can use your beta invites to get a head start on Gears of War 3! The beat will end on March 15th.

Players can also earn unique content that will carry over the the main game.  For Bulletstorm players, the Flaming Hammerburst is rewarded if you complete a match by April 24th. A Flaming lancer is available to t hose that complete a match during the week of April 25th, a Flaming Sawed-Off Shotgun the week of May 2nd and a Flaming Gnasher Shotgun the week of May 9th.

Also, participating in the beta also gets you the ‘Beta Tester Medal’ for your Gears of War 3 profile.  Finishing 50 matches will unlock the Thrashball Cole skin.  Use this skin and complete 10 more matches and you can keep it for the main game when it goes live.  The hardest and most tedious reward is the Gold-Plated Retro Lancer.  You have to play 90 matches to unlock it, then score 100 kills in the beta to keep it for the final game.

The announcement also mentioned the tiered prices for the game’s various editions: standard for $59.99, Limited for $79.99, and Epic for $149.99.

Happy Hunting!


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