Gears of War 3 Release Date Confirmed!


Mark your calenders! Gears of War 3, developed by, Epic Games has finally been confirmed for September 20th, 2011. This will be the final chapter to their godly Xbox 360 shoot-’em-up trilogy. The third edition finds human soldier Marcus Fenix battling the Lambent, a mutated version of the reptilian Locust Horde.

“They burst out of the ground in these veiny, treelike stalks that transport them throughout the world,” said design director Cliff Bleszinski. “It’s like an embryonic sac. It’s nasty stuff. You fight those guys for about a third of the experience, then for the rest of the game you deal with the latest evolution of — or should I say the devolving — Locust.”

Gears of War 2 left us off in the flooded city of Jacinto, one of the last civilizations of humanity on the planet Sera, to attempt and destroy the Locust and Lambent forces. This time, we are here to finish this war.

Originally set to release just next month of this year, was postponed so the designers could “take a step back from work for a bit and ask what works and what doesn’t”

Don’t worry though, if you just can’t possible wait for the full release, be sure to grab yourself a beta code by picking up the “Epic Collectors Edition” of the newly released game, Bulletstorm. In the beta test, it will include team deathmatch and the ability to play as the Locust race.

The first “Gears of War” was released in 2006 and has sold well over 12 million copies.


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