Anime Recommendation: Dragon Crisis


Dragon Crisis is a somewhat new anime which was made available to paid subscribers of Crunchyroll on January 10; as almost every show streamed on CR, they are available for everyone a week after they air in Japan.

Ryuji Kisaragi is living the life of a normal high school student in Japan until his second cousin Eriko shows up out of nowhere and takes him out of class to have him help acquire a rare artifact from a  black broker named FANG. Wielding a magic-imbued cane known as a “Lost Precious”, Eriko incapacitates the relic’s armed guards and they claim their prize. When the box is shot during an intense car chase, it opens, revealing it’s contents. A young girl emerges and calls out Ryuji’s name. Outnumbered and overpowered, all Eriko and Ryuji can do is run. The girl raises her hand and spews intense flames which engulf their pursuers. They manage to escape.

Later, Eriko knows this girl to be a dragon, rarely seen by humans. Ryuji names the mysterious girl Rose, after the rose-shaped pattern on her hand. She seems very attached to Ryuji and only listens to him. We learn Ryuji is a level 10 Breaker, who are people trained to handle these relics known as “Lost Preciouses”. Apparently, there are only seven level 10 Breakers in the world, Eriko herself is a level 7. There are vague references to a ‘society’ which collect Lost Preciouses and continue to experiment with them. Eriko is a member of this group.

So far, there are only seven episodes of this show on Crunchyroll. It is a pretty awesome show if you like the fantasy theme. Magic, decent action- so far, and the mysterious powers of each Lost Precious leave this show in good standing with me. Looking forward to next weeks episode.

You can check out episode one in this link at Crunchyroll.


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