Thursday Comic Review: Infestation


The concept for this extensive crossover is ambitious to say the least. Infestation is a crossover attempt connecting four very different comic books – Transformers, Star Trek, G.I. Joe, and Ghostbusters – through a common enemy and the out-spewing of zombies from an inter-dimensional portal.

 If you raised an eyebrow at the concept, you’re not alone. I picked this up mostly out of curiosity to see if the writers could pull off such a seemingly absurd amount of science fiction shoved into one plot and run through four very different books. My conclusion was this: it wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. Still, though, I won’t be running to the comic store to get the next issue.

Infestation in the introduction book. This comic sets the stage for the plot to continue independently in the four other titles and then be brought back to conclude in Infestation #2. The characters used for this initial setting come from IDW’s CVO (Covert Vampire Operations) and Zombies vs. Robots. In a secret government research facility, a project has taken an unexpected turn and a inter-dimensional portal, thought to be completely safe, suddenly becomes an open highway to a rampant mob of zombies. The zombies are like the bees coming from the hive of Dimension Z. And the Queen Bee leader is a hypnotic voice called Undermind.

 The CVO is sent in to clean up the mess and, if at all possible, shut off the portal. The vampire agents investigate the situation but it doesn’t take long before things begin to go awry for them. The Undermind voice is heard by Benny, the man in charge of the technical side of this Op. The voice is calling out to him. It seduces him into turning against his coworkers. Benny quickly loses his mind, taking a big biting chunk out of the vampire Britt’s leg. Luckily she can’t be a zombified. She’s already undead. Regardless, she later seemingly loses her mind. And then the machines somehow becomes zombyish as well. Honestly … I think I missed something.

 Needless to say, the CVO and Undermind face-off. The immediate threat is eliminated, but unfortunately for Britt her conscious self is divided between four universes. The portals to these universes were opened as the portal to this universe closed. The plot continues in the four universes where those portals opened.

 So basically it’s a science fiction punch in the face. You have zombies, vampires, giant robots, paranormal hunters, and space travelers all in one crossover. Perhaps it was just too much for me to handle. I found the plot hard to follow and the action uninteresting. I will give the writers, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning this credit, though: they almost pulled off the mashing of all these different subjects in a plausible manner. This story is practically attempting the impossible. I was expecting it to turn into something ridiculous. But the plot wasn’t ridiculous in nature, just perhaps needed some expansion and time spent explaining the concept. I also liked the explanation that the writers provided to new readers, complete with issue references and short character bios. David Messina’s illustrations were done well, but they were almost hard to see with the dark coloring.

 This book isn’t one of my recommendations. But, if you look around the internet, other reviews have felt differently. Of course you should check it out yourself, if you are at all intrigued.

 Infestation Release Schedule:

 Infestation #1 – January 26th.  Second printing February 16th.

Transformers Infestation #1 – February 2nd

Star Trek Infestation #1 – February 9th

Tranformers Infestation #2 – February 16th

Star Trek Infestation # 2 – February 23rd

G.I. Joe Infestation #1 – March 2nd

Ghostbusters Infestation #1 – March 9th

G.I. Joe Infestation #2 – March 16th

Ghostbusters Infestation #2 – March 23rd

Infestation #2 – April 6th


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