Voltron makes a comeback


There are a few obvious trends happening in the scifi, fantasy and horror world. Comic books are becoming movies and tv shows at dizzying rates, vampires are so in that they are almost out again, and those of us who grew up in the 70s, 80s and even the early 90s are seeing a barrage of comeback attempts of some our most beloved icons.

Apparently Voltron is the next in line. A brand-spankin’-new Voltron cartoon, toy line, and video game are all set to launch this next fall. World Events Productions will be airing the new animated series, Voltron Force, on Nicktoons in the format of 26 half-hour episodes. The plot seems like it will stay fairly close to the original, featuring, once again, a cast of five space explorers who find themselves on a planet in need of their aid. To do this they use the discovery of five robot lions, which they pilot both separately and together as the five individual vehicles meld into the one, awesome, defender of the universe: Voltron. It was announced that new pilots will be used for the lions, but some old faces might very likely be seen again.

The coinciding video game, developed by THQ, will be similar in nature to the plot of the cartoon. It will also feature five robotic lions that are able, in dire extremes, to come together and form Voltron.

World Events Promotion’s original plan was to remake Voltron into a full length movie, but seeing more potential for an ongoing series, the plan changed. “It’s an exciting way to introduce the brand to a generation that isn’t familiar with Voltron,” said Ted Koplar, president of WEP.


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