Rumor: Blizzard considering Diablo for consoles


Rumors have been floating around the interwebs carrying word of potential Blizzard plans to make their hit Diablo a console release. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime added some comments to increase our curiosities to the matter:

I think you could make an argument that a game like Diablo might play very well on a console, It’s something that we’re actually doing an investigation into to see if that could make sense.

Their biggest concern would be how to patch and add expansions to a console game but the company believes that if any of their games could hit a console, Diablo would be the one.

As far as we know Blizzard really is taking this into consideration, seeing as they recently hired a handful of employees to explore a “Diablo-related project.”  They did, however, promise that this project would not delay the release of the highly anticipated Diablo 3, still set to release “soon”.

It would actually be quite surprising if we didn’t see some sort of Diablo-style game hitting the consoles.  Blizzard has been pondering the idea for well over two years and it seems like Blizzard’s executives continue bringing it up.  I guess we will all just have to keep our ears and eyes open to see what the future brings us.

[via Shacknews]

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