Rare Pokemon to be Available for Early Purchasers!


If  you were needing just a little bit more convincing to purchase Pokemon Black and White, Nintendo has just announced that early purchasers of the game will receive an ultra rare free mythical Victini Pokemon.

All you need to do is purchase the game between launch day, March 6th and April 10th.  Then, you just use the Nintendo WiFi to get your hands on this rare critter.  Victini is nicknamed the Victory Pokemon has fire/psychic abilities including an ability called ‘Victory Star.’  This ability increases the accuracy if all Pokemon in a given battle, making it especially useful for the new triple battle mode.

Victini is not available to catch during normal game play.  You will have to grab him at launch or try to sweet talk your way into trading Pokemon with someone who already has him.

[via Shacknews]

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