Hunger Games Movie Release Date Announced


Lionsgate, the studio behind the upcoming Hunger Games film adaption, recently announced that they plan to release the first film in the trilogy on March 23, 2012! The movie has yet to enter official production and is currently being headed by Gary Ross, the film’s director, who has stated that he plans to begin production on the movie this spring.

Unfamiliar with Hunger Games? Here’s a brief spoiler-free synopsis of the first book (and soon-to-be film):

Katniss Everdeen is fighting for her life. In a world where society as we know it has collapsed, those controlled by the horrible Capitol have already rebelled and been repressed almost a century ago. The punishment for those crimes remains the same: every year each of the twelve districts must participate in the Hunger Games, horrible reality TV where a boy and a girl from each district fight to the death while the world is forced to watch. Randomly chosen to participate in the Hunger Games, Katniss is forced to fight to survive her terrible predicament.

With production on the film so near, we fully expect casting announcements will begin hitting the web soon. We’ll keep you updated on any Hunger Games movie news!

[Tip via “Master Brom”, news via EW]


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