Want a Little More Steampunk? Check Out A Convention!


The steampunk genre has really taken off in recent years, and this awesome list just goes to show how far this genre has come. Airship Ambassador has created an awesome list of all of the Steampunk conventions happening this year. Tor.com posted it on their site in a nice summary. There are actually so many things happening that tor.com had to condense the list! Here’s a little of what they had to say about that:

I’d also stick in monthly meet-ups  and one-time events too, but as far as I can tell, there are too many to count (and growing!) To compromise, though, let me recommend the extensive listing, updated frequently, on The Airship Ambassador and additional news from The Steampunk Tribune.

Seems like Steampunk is here to stay!

Not sure what exactly Steampunk is, or want to learn a little more? Check out the Lytherus intro to Steampunk.

[via tor.com]

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