Official Dead Space 2 Trailer Released!


If this does not get you excited for the upcoming release of Dead Space 2, then I don’t know what will.  Just released is the official trailer for our favorite outer-space zombie invasion.  It shows some in game cinematics and also features music by Shamshing Pumpkins. Check it out below.

Also, our friends over at io9 had a chance to interview Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis.  Some very important questions were answered.  A few of them include:

Can you give us some hints of what to expect this time around, and how this game will be different than the first Dead Space game or the spin-offs?

Dead Space 2 is about delivering more of what fans loved from the previous games, while injecting occasional moments of epic action into the episodes of white-knuckled terror and suspense that Dead Space is known for.  You can expect Isaac Clarke to be back, as well as the Necromorphs, in a “real space” setting that sci-fi fans can really sink their teeth into.  Since this game takes place three years after the original, a lot has changed: Isaac is more capable, his RIG has improved abilities (like total Zero G flight control), and his engineering tools and weapons are totally overhauled.  This is good because the Necromorphs are smarter, and the environments Isaac explores are deadlier too.

With the game’s multiplayer mode, it sounds like players will be able to be a security squad or a group of necromorphs. What were the challenges in creating necromorph gameplay?

The biggest challenge was figuring out what Necromorphs to use for multiplayer.  We decided that we wanted just a handful of Necromorphs that had symmetry with the offensive abilities of the human team.  So the Pack, for instance, specializes in melee and speed.  Pukers and Spitters give the Necromorph team a short and long range attacker.  And finally, the Lurker lets players crawl on walls and ceilings, hide in shadows, and snipe at the humans from afar.

If you are wanting to read the interview in full, you’re going to have to check it out for yourself here.

I am not too sure about you, but after seeing this trailer I know exactly what I will be doing at the end of this month!

[via i09]


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