Captain America: A Little Help (Raising Suicide Prevention Awareness)


The classic image of Captain America is being used to battle more than just imaginary bad guys. I got to be honest with this one. It made me tear up a little. I have already done my new release review for the week, but I have to write up something on this short, 12 page comic. I’ve never been compelled to sit and write and positive review of a comic like I am now after reading this one.

The purpose of Captain America: A Little Help is to help create awareness in the effort towards suicide prevention. Marvel provides this comic for free via their digital comics collection or the Marvel comics App for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. This story is also available in I am an Avenger #5.  

Nick Dragotta masterfully draws a compelling story of a young man on the brink of suicide. Standing at the edge of his tall apartment building, ready to jump, he happens to find himself on the roof directly across from another rooftop where Captain America is battling fiercely. In such a small time frame and with such a small action required of him, the boy ends up being the only hope of Captain America.

In both print and digital versions of this comic, information for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is provided.

Tom Brevoort, Senior Vice-President of Publishing at Marvel, had this to day about the issue: “Super heroes fight a lot of battles, but there are few more important than combating suicide … That’s why we’re making Captain America: A Little Help available for free via our digital comics outlets. If even one person calls this number instead of doing something very tragic, we know that means we succeeded.”

 The story and the art are beautiful and inspiring. Please check out this issue for free at:


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