Great Hera! – Wonder Woman TV show called to a halt


Once again, Wonder Woman has found herself shoved to the back seat of any live action TV opportunities. The plan was that David E. Kelley (creator of The Practice) was to bring Wonder Woman back into fashion with a new high-profile TV show. Unfortunately this just isn’t going to happen. The potential series was shut down by every station to whom it was presented. Some stations like the CW couldn’t afford this show, which could run a good 2 million dollars per episode to produce. Others like ABC were interested, but stuck on political factors. ABC is, of course, under the parent company of Disney, which acquired rival comic company Marvel just last year. The script was also offered to, and declined by, Fox, NBC and CBS.

In a year full superhero-based movies and TV shows, it seems almost absurd that Wonder Woman would be passed upon once again. Other superhero shows are being produced by the droves. The CW is developing a new series based on Raven from Teen Titans. ABC is focusing on their new real world superheroes from No Ordinary Family. The Disney owned company also has some pretty solid future plans for working with Marvel on an upcoming Hulk series and an adaption of Marvel female hero Jessica Jones. NBC apparently would rather skip paying the royalties for the use of name-brand characters and center their efforts on new-to-the-scene hero Vince Faraday in The Cape. Yet there are no takers for one of DC’s best known characters – and certainly the most famous female character to ever call herself a superhero.

So what is the problem? Are people intimidated by Wonder Woman? Do they just not know what to do with her? Is the iconic image of Linda Carter always going to overshadow any other efforts? Modern media has been welcoming butt-kicking female characters for a while now, but it seems Wonder Woman isn’t quite the angle that they are looking for a woman to be. At least all hope isn’t dead. According to Deadline Reports, Kelly’s Wonder Woman pilot might make another round of network presentations at some point in the future.


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