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The Nintendo World 2011 3DS event in Japan gave attendees the opportunity to demo the new system, set to release in February in Japan, and March for the US and Europe. The main attraction at this event was, of course, The Ocarina of Time. While other titles yielded 20-30 minute lines to demo, this classic brought nearly a two hour wait to try it out. The demo included three save files to choose from: free roaming of the revamped Kokiri Forest, dungeon play through the Deku Tree, and the boss battle with Gohma.

The fundamental controls in OOT 3DS were akin to the original with improvements and additions brought by the 3DS. The presence of the touch screen allowed the gamer to easily switch between inventory, equipment and map, and tab to use items. You can also tap an icon on the bottom screen to respond to Navi’s calls (she is the fairy guide that accompanies Link throughout the game).

There is also an eye icon on the bottom screen which switches into a viewing mode, allowing you to see through Link’s eyes. Using gyro-controls, one of the 3DS’ new abilities, you can point the handheld where you want to see. For example, you would use it as you would a digital camera, to see behind you, you would turn around. This is also how the player would aim Link’s slingshot. Granted, should you wish to use original analog controls, you may.

Given these new additions brought by the camera and touch screen, it’s clear that Nintendo plans to deliver more than just a direct port of this insanely popular N64 classic. The graphics have also been upgraded, while it is still not as visually impressive as other titles on the 3DS.

I for one can’t wait for both the 3DS and this classic game remastered on a handheld. We are sure to expect some great things from this new device set for release in March.

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