Torchwood: A New World? Not Anymore!


Some major details have been spilled by the creative geniuses behind the upcoming fourth series of Torchwood, the critically acclaimed sci-fi Doctor Who spinoff. Torchwood has been off the airwaves since it rocked the world with its third series/miniseries, Children of Earth, and new details about its future have been few and far between. However, the creators of Torchwood have recently begun revealing some key details on the upcoming American-based series:

  • The new series’ previously-announced name, “Torchwood: A New World” has been scrapped in favor of a new title: “Torchwood: Miracle Day
  • The new series is set to air this July!
  • Episode 1’s plot details! “The premise is a miracle happens in the world. One day, on Earth, no one dies. The next day, no one dies. The day after that, no one dies. The [people who are]dying, keep dying … but don’t actually die. The possibility of death ceases to exist. Which is great for some people. But it’s an instant overnight population boom. The earth relies on people dying … What is society going to do now? Some of the answers are beautiful and brave. Some of the reactions are terrifying.” – Russell T. Davies, Torchwood’s creator
  • The first episode’s opening scene introduces us to one of our new main characters (Jack and Gwen are here to stay, don’t worry!): Oswald Jones (played by Bill Pullman), a convicted murderer and pedophile, is being put to death for his crimes. The clock keeps ticking as Jones is injected with the lethal medicine set to kill him, however the man never dies.

We’re still a bit torn up inside following the deaths of nearly all of our favorite characters from series 2 and series 3, but even we can’t deny that the new series sounds awesome! Davies brilliantly lead the Doctor Who revival and is directly responsible for the awesomeness that has been Torchwood, so we’re cautiously looking forward to Torchwood‘s near-reboot. And hey, it finally takes place on our home turf!


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