“Halo” And Orson Scott Card Book Giveaways on Tor.com!


Tor.com is having a lot of activity around some recent releases. Here are just two of them:

Today is release day for Orson Scott Card’s The Lost Gate. In celebration, tor.com is giving away five copies. You can enter until 2pm EST tomorrow, Wednesday January 5th. The link to do so is here.

If you want to know more about this book, check out an earlier Lytherus post on it here.

Also, in celebration of the new Halo:Cryptum book, tor.com is doing a bunch of fun giveaways. Their first giveaway is the entire collection of Halo books. The complete list is on the page where you can register. This giveaway is open until 9:30 am EST on Wednesday, January 5th. Click here to check it out. Lytherus also linked to an excerpt recently, which you can view here.

If you’re interested in some of the other giveaways, go to the main tor.com page and scroll down through the list!

Good Luck!

(These and other books were featured on this weeks’ new release list)


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