A Very Doctor Who Christmas – Three New Clips!


Three Doctor Who Christmas Special clips have been released, and we’ve got them for you to preview! We also have a brilliant behind-the-scenes video of Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill doing their best to sing some carols in a hilarious over-the-top sort of way.

Doctor Who has made a tradition out of airing their annual Christmas specials, and it comes as no surprise that they will continue the tradition this year. The BBC recently released three clips from the special, titled “A Christmas Carol”, set to air on Christmas Day:

As a bonus, the BBC released a behind the scenes video as part of their “Doctor Who Confidential” series, featuring the main characters of Doctor Who series five and six doing their best to butcher holiday carols. If this doesn’t confirm the fact that Doctor Who is amazing, we aren’t sure what will!


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