Marvel Makes Huge Announcement: Fear Itself


Now we have it. We finally know what all the hype is about. Marvel has just announced today at their noon press conference that in April they will be, as Matt Fraction put it, “busting down the doors with the biggest story we’ve ever told.”

The premise is this: Marvels heroes vs. the god of Fear. The more you fear him, the stronger he gets. Fraction was practically bursting through the camera in excitement over this new plot that will be running through and touching the lives of every marvel comic and hero in some way, shape, or form. The the meat of the story will be in a seven-issue monthly miniseries titled Fear Itself. All the big names will be featured: Captain America, Thor, Spiderman, the Avengers, and more. To be specific, eight heroes will be chosen to save the world from this particular, greatly hyped, evil. But even those heroes of the MU not directly used in this seven issue run will still hear the reverberation of its impact in their own titles.

To add even more to the anticipation (as if the Fear Itself launch count-down clock on the main Marvel website wasn’t enough), a prologue to the series written by Ed Brubaker will be available in March. The prologue will feature Captain America, who was fighting in World War II before any of us were even born. According to vice president and executive editor Tom Brevoort, something happened all those years ago. Something that has been concealed for decades and once unleashed will apparently change everything that our characters know about their fellow heroes and the way they view their place in the world. Brevoort goes on to claim that Fear Itself is of the same level of ambition as Civil War and just might have an equal amount of impact as The Secret Invasion.

Fraction summarizes: “It’s [Fear Itself] the very best of us against the very worst of gods.”

Full Press Conference Video – The Announcement!

“Fear Itself” Trailer

Interview with Matt Fraction, Writer of “Fear Itself”

In case you missed the teaser images, here is what Marvel has released thus far to wet our taste buds:

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