New Trailer for “Beastly” Movie


The newest trailer for Beastly, based on the book by Alex Flinn, was recently released. The movie features a stellar cast, including Alex Pettyfer (starring in the upcoming movie I am Number Four, and who also had the title role in the Alex Rider movie), Vanessa Hudgens (of High School Musical fame), Mary-Kate Olsen, and Neil Patrick Harris.

The movie is set to release on March 18th, 2011. It was initially slotted to be out this past summer, but it was to be released  the same weekend as Charlie St. Cloud, another movie based on a teen book, so Sony, the producers of Beastly, decided to postpone it for when there was less competition.

There are also two cool movie tie-in covers for the book, which are available now.

You can watch the trailer here, at the official movie site.


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