Comic-Con Intl. Ticket Sales: Victory!


Plagued by multiple ticket sale nightmares, the group behind the world famous Comic-Con International San Diego convention have finally gotten it right: their “stress test” sale of 1,000 tickets went off without a hitch on Wednesday, with all 1,000 tickets offered selling out in under one minute.

Over the past few weeks we have studied numerous options to remedy the problem caused by the sheer volume of badge requests and have not been able to find a single company solution to selling badges this year.

After two failures, we believe the best option is to use the combined efforts of both a ticket seller (TicketLeap) and a registration company (EPIC) in tandem. TicketLeap will be responsible for managing initial badge requests, while EPIC will send personalized registration links, and process badge registration/payment.

The crashing isn’t an entirely bad sign; the sheer amount of people looking to get their fan-hands on passes to this year’s convention is a clear indication of the mainstreaming of the fantasy, scifi, and horror genres. While the die-hards will always argue that mainstreaming is a bad thing, we can’t help but be thrilled by the idea of extra fans looking to join our ranks.

Comic-Con International is one of the world’s most renowned fantasy, scifi, and horror conventions, celebrating the huge to the obscure for over 75 years. The convention takes place annually, attracting crowds of over 150,000 people in down-town San Diego, California. Lytherus will be in attendance at the 2011 Comic-Con International to bring back the latest news, information, and media!

Looking to get your own passes to the convention? Keep an eye out on Comic-Con’s official website for the announcement of the non-trial on sale date. Be sure to pay close attention — tickets will sell out in a blink of the eye!

Now we just have to figure out how to occupy ourselves while we wait for July to get here!


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