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BlackBoxTV is an independent short film production channel featured on Youtube. Headed by popular Youtubers, BlackBoxTV is a showcase of scifi/horror shorts created based on stories written by the production team and submitted by the show’s viewers. BlackBoxTV was founded in mid 2010 as a collaboration between “MeTonyV,” “JoeNationTV,” “SxePhil,” Jenni Powell, and “Sammah1” — all well-known Youtube personalities. The show was met with instant success and has gone on to release a total of seven episodes.

To date, the show’s seven episodes have garnered over 4 million views on their Youtube channel, attracting a subscriber base of over 200,000 viewers. The shows have tackled both horror and scifi subjects, including glimpses into the future, a blurred line between life and death, hospital zombies, and more.

BlackBoxTV’s production quality is exceptional, though we expected as much from the brilliant team of Youtube stars they’ve assembled. The show has recently begun converting stories submitted by their viewers into entire episodes, adding another layer of interaction between the show and its subscribers. The writing is compelling and original, while at the same time haunting and mysterious. Each episode features a standalone story and mostly new cast of actors, though there has been some carry-over.

The show began with the six-minute-long horror short “Do Over”, written by MeTonyV and SxePhil, who also stars in the short.

Every day we are forced to make uncomfortable choices, but what if fate gave you the chance to look into the future and see that one of your decisions would change your life forever…

BlackBoxTV’s debut episode tackles the idea of the opportunity at a “do-over”. How would you react if you had just lived through a life-changing and terrifying experience, only to be offered a do-over to avoid the situation? Would you take it? Would you continue down the doomed path?

The team has since released six more episodes, including:

  • Where Are You?”, a short which tackles the mysterious blurred line between life and death
  • Final Exit”, featuring a boy fleeing for his life after being chased by mental ward horrors
  • Let Her Die”, a “choose your own adventure” video series collaboration with horror themes

The team also offers behind-the-scenes videos for each of their episodes, offering an exclusive glimpse into the production cycle the team goes through to bring each idea to Youtube, as well as cast and crew commentaries.

Original and compelling storylines, brilliant filming and editing, and cameos by some of our favorite Youtube personalities set BlackBoxTV above and beyond its competition and ensure its spot among the fast-growing web series of 2010. We can’t wait to see what BlackBoxTV has in store for the future! We highly recommend checking out this web show start-up!


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