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372 has held the title of top visited Harry Potter web destination in the world for the greater part of the past decade. Home to hundreds of thousands of Harry’s biggest fans, the website has rallied behind worthy causes in the past, and to this day continues to support Wizard Rock’s attempts at funding various charities, the Harry Potter Alliance’s attempts at decreasing “world suck”, and most recently, an attempt from within their own ranks to improve the well-being of others.

The team behind the incredibly-successful MuggleNet fan fiction website privately contacted many of their most celebrated fan fiction authors in hopes of putting together a group of writers to create an anthology of fan fiction, intended to be sold to benefit a charity. The team’s goal was wildly successful; the group recently announced that their anthology, titled Through the Keyhole, is now on sale. All profits from the book sales – totaling just under $5 per book – will be donated to Room to Read, a charity which builds schools and libraries in impoverished countries, as well as ensures that these children have access to books.

The anthology is now on sale through, a self-publishing platform, both in paperback and e-book form. A preview is also available on the website. The book totals seventeen short stories, together totaling over 150 pages of content. The anthology is sure to contain some truly fantastic short stories, judging by the quality of content to have come out of Mugglenet Fan Fiction over the past several years.


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