Nolan’s “Batman” Saga to Conclude with “The Dark Knight Rises”


Writer/Director Christopher Nolan, fresh off the success of Inception, is at work now on “Batman 3,” set to be titled The Dark Knight Rises. The helmer claims that this third Batman film will be his last in the series. Personally, I find it questionable for artists to announce the conclusion to anything in an iconic series such as this. How often has “the last one” turned out to be “the last one for now”? Sometimes it comes down to an unforeseen idea that just won’t let go. Sometimes it comes down to a financial offer too good to refuse. In any case, it appears that, as of now, Nolan’s acclaimed Batman franchise is set to conclude as a trilogy, so I think it’s safe to expect him to pull out all the stops.

The full article is available here.

via EW


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