Epic Mickey Is Here!


For all of you Disney and Wii fans out there, Epic Mickey was released today! This interesting game follows Mickey as he traverses the Wasteland he unknowingly created years ago when his curiosity got the better of him and caused him to spawn the devious Shadow Blot! Within Yen Sid’s workshop, Mickey fiddled with a magic paintbrush and accidentally spills some paint and thinner on Yen Sid’s pen-and-paper world for “things that have been forgotten”. This incident causes the world to be distorted and the Shadow Blot takes over…

Years later, Mickey– having forgotten his past transgression– is propelled  into this Wasteland by the Shadow Blot. Help Mickey correct his mistake wielding the magic paintbrush to dynamically change the world and restore it to its natural state– but watch out; the evil Shadow Blot seeks to siphon Mickey’s heart! Nobody in the Wasteland has a heart except Mickey, whose is the strongest of all. Guide Mickey on his path to become an epic hero.

Check out this truly epic trailer.


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